Pearl Jam Member Leaves Huge Tip At Restaurant


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard revealed that he and bandmate Mike McCready leave large tips at restaurants in a new Le Batard and Friends interview on ESPN Radio. Alternative Nation transcribed Gossard’s comments from a game called ‘Vedder, McCready, or Gossard.’

Gossard said when asked who is the biggest tipper out of the three Pearl Jam members, “I’m a big tipper, I think Mike McCready might even be a bigger tipper. When you’re a guitar player in a band, and you’ve made a bunch of money, it’s one of the things you can do, that you know you can do, that’s good for the planet.”

“If you are remembered for overtipping in life, that’s not the worst thing that could be said about you.”

He said he leaves a large percentage ‘no matter what’ and then ‘an extra $10 if they are fantastic.’ The hosts joked that Eddie is cheap.

Stone concluded, “I know Mike’s tipping habits better than Ed.” Pearl Jam released their first album in 7 years earlier this year, Gigaton. Pearl Jam were scheduled to tour North America and Europe, but the pandemic forced them to postpone those plans, with a concert vaccine rumored. Pearl Jam members have made several media appearances to stay active, while Eddie Vedder has recently done digital performances, including on The Howard Stern Show and with Metallica singer James Hetfield.