Pearl Jam Member Records New Andy Wood Song


It’s safe to say that Andrew Wood left a whole in the heart of so many. In fact, Andrew, (of Mother Love Bone fame) has had many famous songs written about him. One that easily comes to mind is ‘Would?’ by Alice In Chains which is somewhat of a play on Andrew’s last name. While Alice have made their tribute known, other bands have tried their hand at a song as well. We may see members of Pearl Jam entering the ring now as well.

On the downtime of Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard is in a band called, ‘Brad’. He and the band have a new record coming out and one of the songs that will be on the upcoming record will be a song that was originally write by Andy Wood.

The record label will release Brad’s still-untitled album, which doesn’t have a release date yet and it will feature ten unreleased songs. Stars N’ You, (originally written by Andy Wood for the Deep Six Compilation) may be rearranged to fit in with the current sound of Brad.

The album has been self-produced by the band, and it was recorded and mixed by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho in Seattle (except for The Moment You Were Born, which was the only song mixed by Josh Evans). The artwork was also cured and crafted very well by the great Regan Hagar with the addition of some pictures taken by Lance Mercer.

As of now, there are no words on what the song sounds like in the style of Brad. That being said, it’s almost a sure shot that they will ensure to do justice to the song as Andrew Wood remains a very great name in not only the music scene, but in the Seattle scene to this day as well.