Rush Singer Makes Painful John Lennon Claim


Iconic Rush singer Geddy Lee in a new feature with Amazon music discussed the role of the bass in popular music and it’s history and his musical influences, citing the legendary John Lennon and The Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney in the feature. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.  Geddy Lee recently revealed this sad boat accident.

Geddy Lee: I chose these songs because again I’m such a bass-centric dude and that’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last few years. The role of bass in popular music and what I tried to do with my book is to try and provide an alternate history of popular music through the point of view of the bassist, from the murky bottom end to the twangy top end. You know, John Entwistle, Chris Squire, were playing the kind of music that I wanted to play so they were a direct influence on the kind of player I wanted to be and wanted to become. Yet, there were others that were subconscious influences and I think we all have those when we listen to music. I mean there’s a couple of Beatles songs on here and people remember the Beatles for their tunefulness and for the great vocals. However, Paul McCartney was quite an influential bass player. If you listen to ‘Come Together’ that’s a bold bass part in that in song. If you listen to ‘Tax Man’, that’s heavy metal before there was heavy metal.

A Rush fan recently made a sad Geddy Lee Alzheimers claim. Geddy would then discuss the role of the bass in music history as he continued:

Lee: James Jamerson and a lot of the early Motown songs, they drove the song. The bottom and moving line of the bass drove the song with an alternate melody that didn’t interfere with the main melody. I have always felt that’s the role of a bass player. You have got to get your melody in there somehow but you know you cannot draw attention away from the singer, you know, that’s the number one rule. Let the melody of the song have center stage but it doesn’t mean you can’t provide other layers of melody and as soon as the singer shuts up, go for it, ya know.

The Rush singer would then give his thoughts on Red Hot Chili Peppers icon, Flea.

Lee: I mean, he’s a monster player. Flea is one of the great contemporary bass players and his influences are so funk-driven yet he can do anything. ‘Give It Away, Give It Away’. He’s just like the bass in ‘Come Together, like, the bass in so many great pop songs. Flea is providing an alternate rhythm for the drums and an alternate melody, working the bottom of the neck as well as the top, going back and forth which I always love as a bass player. Rush singer Geddy Lee recently announced a huge movie.