Pearl Jam Member Rejected Show Before Nirvana


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready was not a big fan of the idea of his band playing on MTV Unplugged in March 1992, becoming the first Grunge band to perform on the iconic series before Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots in late 1993.

McCready told Cleveland, “I don’t think anybody else was of this mindset, but I didn’t really want to do it. I didn’t think we were as good acoustically as we were electric. That’s how I was thinking back then. I felt like we were just honing that [electric] thing down. And being a lead player, playing leads on acoustic for me was really f***ing hard.

It just didn’t feel like the right thing to do, at that time. But, y’know, Ed [Vedder] rose to the challenge and we all did again. Everybody else I talk to seems to like it a lot. So, I guess I was wrong (laughs).”

Miley Cyrus just covered Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” on MTV Unplugged. Fans had interesting reactions on the Ten Club board.

CarryTheZero posted, “Rolling Stone actually just wrote that she injects more life into the song then Vedder did in the original.”

1ThoughtKnown said, “One of my wife’s favourite songs and she was begging me to turn it off saying ‘no!’ ‘No!’ while wincing 😂… which probably added to the humour.”

TDawe concluded, “I think Miley seems pretty cool in general and was thinking I’d let all you Even Bro’s have it for being so closed-minded, but I decided to actually click on the clip first and…hoo boy.

Though on the other hand…it might be the case that this is just what you would get if you asked someone born in 1997 to do an impression of Eddie.

Anyway, bring on the Billie Eilish cover of Man Of The Hour.”