Pearl Jam & Michael Jackson Daughter Bombshell Revealed


Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary “King of Pop’ Michael Jackson is trying her hand at a music career as well. In 2020, Jackson signed a deal with Republic Records. Her first single, “Let Down”, was released on October 29, 2020. Her debut album, Wilted, was released on November 18, 2020. Earlier this year, Jackson released a brand new EP entitled ‘The Lost’, which is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

In a new development, Jackson has put out a new single unrelated to any EP or album which has been gathering quite a bit of praise for its 90’s grunge and Nirvana inspired vibes. Paris, who recently dropped this Kurt Cobain bombshell would drop the track, entitled “Lighthouse” to rave reviews by listeners and those in the media alike. It was recently revealed, however, that another grunge legend had their hand in the making of the track, Pearl Jam member Mike McCready.

On social media via Twitter McCready would post the following: “Was happy to play a lead on “Lighthouse” which is Paris Jackson’s killer new song! She’s amazing and the real deal! The song was produced by Butch Walker & mixed by John Goodmanson”

In other news revolving around Pearl Jam, Josh Klinghoffer discussed preparing and playing as both opening act and as a member of the group during Pearl Jam’s U.S. leg of their Gigaton tour, which is currently ongoing. Credit to Ultimate Guitar for the below.

“I honestly hate to admit it, but there was so much preparation…This is the third time we rehearsed, the first being in 2020 when the tour was postponed for the pandemic… and then again, we did a couple of shows in 2021. And now this is the third time; there was just a lot to go over, and a lot to make sure we had in order before we went on tour. I prepared for my tour as much as I could, but I didn’t do it as much as I would have done had I not had this other thing to do.

He continued: “So yeah, when I got up there on the stage the first time, I had only just constructed my little rig the night before, and I just surrendered to it a bit, which is kind of in line with how I’ve just been trying to live and grow and just sort of not getting stuck in my mind too much. And so, I walked up there, and Eddie had given me this beautiful introduction, and I just tried to try to be me and get through songs as best I could. And it and it got more comfortable every [time].”