Gene Simmons Daughter Bad ‘Hot Tub’ Photos Revealed


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the tanned and talented Sophie Simmons looks absolutely stunning in these newly uploaded photos that showcase her in a pool looking to cool down with some friends. We are loving the tight-fitting swimsuit and Simmons’ award-winning smile. You can view these photos below. Gene Simmons daughter ‘sweaty’ backside photo leaks.

In news revolving Sophie’s ‘demon dad’ Gene Simmons and his highly successful group KISS, fans over on the KISSFaq fan forum recently discussed and debated whether or not the 1980s ‘unmasked’ era of the ‘hottest band in the land’ was truly the group at their peak. One fellow forum user, TheSpoiled said: “Absolutely their best, although their killer lineup – Simmons/Stanley/Carr/Vincent had the distinction of being masked and unmasked. The Kulick lineup is close behind, but not quite with the ferocity that the Vincent line-up had – but yes, the unmasked era was, for me, musically way superior to the OG lineup. Amazing material too, but I can understand that fans of the OG band might be turned off. If you like clap-along songs like Let Me Know, Getaway, Christine Sixteen etc, material like Creatures of the Night, I’ve Had Enough & Young and Wasted might be a bit distressing.” Gene Simmons daughter ‘bends over’ in leather lingerie photo.

While Diss put: “Nothing touches the originals for me, but those years from Creatures through Asylum were pretty great as well. It was an interesting time for me, as I was starting to get into punk and alternative stuff, like The Clash, U2, Big Country, etc., but metal and KISS was still a huge deal for me. I remember going out and buying “Unforgettable Fire” and “Animalize” around the same time, lol. Those were two very different listening experiences. Good memories, though. Sometimes you need music to make you think, sometimes you need it to help you not think.” Gene Simmons daughter ‘dirty’ ice cream photo revealed.