Pearl Jam Offer First Hint At If They Will Tour In 2019


Pearl Jam have released a New Years message to fans celebrating 2019, and the band wrote that they are ‘looking forward to a great 2019!’

Pearl Jam fans are looking for any sign of activity from the band in 2019, with PJNB posting on the Ten Club boards that he hopes it means they will indeed tour and release their long awaited new album.

“I am going to go out on a limb and say looking forward to a great 2019 means new album by the summer and full tour following with a 2 month break for playoffs.”

darwinstheory responded, “^Does that qualify as an official rumor?”

PJNB then posted, “Looking forward to a great 2019 could mean anything but to post that under a video that shows what they did in 2018 should mean they will be active this year with more touring making it a great year for Pearl Jam. Key word is should mean but we all know it is probably just a generic message not meaning anything.”

mcgruff10 responded, “They definitely look like a band about to break up. Lol.”

PJNB then posted, “No way. My wife and I need to hear Parting Ways and Hard To Imagine at least once live before these guys hang it up. You want to camp out for each show next tour and hold signs up with me? Think of the all the tambourines we could catch!

Also I looked at the end of the year 2017 video and they said ‘thank you for an incredible 2017’. You know the year they did not tour at all…”