Pearl Jam Planning Massive 2022 Concerts


There have been rumors floating around about Pearl Jam. It stated that the band will do a show at Rock in Rio next year. One of our readers, Christian Acosta had reached out to us to drop some details about the potential show. Pearl Jam Huge 2022 Festival Rumor Leaks

Pearl Jam could do shows in Argentina and Chile

Acosta noted that “the presence of Pearl Jam at Rock in Rio 2022 is almost a fact and will surely be present in other places such as Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).”

It turns out that the band has a debt since it had to suspend its presentation at lollapalooza 2018. It did not take place due to bad weather conditions. Lolla’s production company is the same one that organizes their tours, Live Nation. Acosta claims that the information are well accurate and the show is being planned to take place in South America next year.

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