Pearl Jam Promoter Reveals If Tour Is Canceled


Pearl Jam’s remaining 2024 tour dates are not canceled. Álvaro Covões – the promoter of NOS Alive – who just told Blitz that “all four concerts will be held”, adding however that he does not know the extent of the illness that has affected two or more members of the group.

Pearl Jam canceling tour dates

Pearl Jam have sadly been on a tour canceling spree. Over the weekend, the band announced that they would be canceling their show on Saturday in London just one day before it was set to take place “due to illness in the band”.

“The decision was the last thing we wanted to have to make… There was simply no other option based on our current health and also having to avoid further damage,” the band wrote in a statement.

While this seems like a run of the mill cancelation due to illness, the announcement came after reports that Pearl Jam’s show in London was suffering from low ticket sales. In the days leading up to the now canceled show, the band even lowered the ticket prices to as low as £10 in hopes of enticing fans.

But then, on Sunday, the band yet again announced they would be canceling their two upcoming shows in Berlin on Tuesday and Wednesday, cementing that the band is in fact sick and unable to perform to the best of their ability.

“Despite everyone’s best efforts, the band has yet to make a full recovery. The impacts of this decision are not lost on us… It is heart wrenching to have to disappoint you,” Pearl Jam said in a second statement on Sunday.

While it is not clear exactly who in the band is sick, according to fans who attended their show in Manchester this past week, frontman Eddie Vedder struggled through the gig and his vocals sounded worn thin.

“Who was at Dublin?” Vedder asked the crowd in Manchester about Pearl Jam’s show in Ireland a few days earlier. “I high-fived the front row and one of you f*ckers got me sick.”