Pearl Jam Release New Single “Get It Back”


Pearl Jam have released a new song called “Get It Back” for purchase on Bandcamp, with music and lyrics written by Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron. Fans on the Ten Club board reviewed the song, and cleared up confusion regarding how you can actually listen to the song.

Exploderball posted, “I like it! I wonder if this is a previously-recorded lost dog or a pandemic recording. It sounds great either way but would be especially impressive if it’s the latter and they had to mix a bunch of separate home recordings.”

False_Belief said, “This is really great. Sounds like something that’d fit in comfortably on Lost Dogs – a low-key, slow burner that you hope they’ll randomly throw onto a setlist one day. Josh Evans has worked wonders for this band.”

Force Of Nature asked, “Can someone dumb this down for me. Is this a streaming only song on that one website? and it is only available today? So I cant find it on spotify? And no one can download it so we wont hear it again? I assume the only way to hear it is to purchase the whole album and i cant hear the song anywhere else?”

Brotherjohno9 responded, “That last line sums it up. The only way to hear it is to buy the full album from Bandcamp. Once you’ve bought it you can download it in multiple formats and stream via their site. It’s available to buy today only but once you’ve done that you will still have access to the stream and download permanently.”

Kloddz concluded, “On my first listen, I agree that the intro riff has a Faithfull kinda vibe to it. The pre-chorus (before the “you’re not alone” part) reminds me of In Hiding a bit, other than that this is a really unique PJ song, unlike anything from the last album. Definitely worth the 20 bucks! :blush:”