Pearl Jam Release New ‘Yield’ Video After 25 Years


It has been revealed that Ten Club members have exclusive access to a first look at the “Given To Fly” video in high-definition in celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s fifth studio album Yield.

Originally debuted as a single and released in 1997 leading up to the album, this performance of ‘Given to Fly’ was filmed by “Jeremy” producer Mark Pellington and originally appeared on the ‘Single Video Theory’ home video. Adapted from the original 1998 tapes, this performance of ‘Given To Fly’ has been delivered in visually enhanced HD for an optimal viewing experience.

Some listeners say the 1998 Pearl Jam song “Given to Fly” resembles Zeppelin’s “Going to California.” Plant took it a step further. During a conversation with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, Plant flat-out said “Given to Fly” was a rip-off of the Led Zeppelin IV tune. “How many times have you played ‘Going to California’? Oh sorry. Whatever your song is called,’” Plant said to McCready, per Far Out.

Robert Plant said Pearl Jam ripped off Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” with “Given to Fly.” But the singer is crazy for saying the newer song is a copycat.

Thematic elements are the biggest similarities between the two songs. The lyrics for Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” cover a journey of self-discovery and making “A new start.” Pearl Jam’s “Given to Fly” has a protagonist who “Made it to the ocean” before Eddie Vedder seemingly sings about a soul rising into the sky, which differs from Zep’s song.