Pearl Jam Removed From Red Hot Chili Peppers Performance?


Rumors were going around that seemed very factual about who would be headlining the upcoming Lollapalooza festival that will take place in India. As the rumor had originally stated, two of the huge acts that would be closing out the night were Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This no longer seems to be the case, at-least, according to the following post.

Via the official Lollapalooza India page (as presented by Pearl Jam Online) a story was posted about about how rumors about the show should not be taken seriously as the official list of those meant to play the event has not yet been published.

Fans on the Pearl Jam Online forum brought this up in a thread and instantly felt slighted. Not just that, but they also had a few theories on what’s going on. One theory is that it has nothing at all to do about Pearl Jam or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, rather, it has to do with the song being featured in the story post.

As you can see below from a screenshot of the story, the song playing is by Lizzo and Cardi B. We can take this two ways. We can all look at this as the Pearl Jam and other rumors need to slow down as they aren’t true, or we can take it as Lizzo and Cardi B will be at the event or headlining it.

This isn’t to totally say that Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers won’t be at the event or headlining the event, but it seems like everyone needs to pump the brakes a bit more before any official word comes out as anything until then is nothing more than a rumor and we would hate to be set up to be let down.

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