Pearl Jam Reunion With Ex-Drummer Offer Leaks


Pearl Jam along with many other bands that fit into their genre from that time period of music seemed to have been through a lot of members in order to finally reach where they had to be.

In this case, we are talking about Jack Irons. Irons did great with with Pearl Jam up until the quick departure from the mega group. Just as speculation occurred that we would see a huge reunion of all parties – we were let down huge.

In a recent interview, Josh Klinghoffer spoke about how he discussed getting with Jack Irons as the two have no both played in Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.

Via Consequence Of Sound: “Have you and Jack talked about the fact that you’re now the two only people who have played with both Pearl Jam and the Chili Peppers?”

Josh: “We sort of have, because right when I first was asked to go on tour with Pearl Jam, it was right around the time where Jack was moving back down to southern California. So I was seeing him a lot that week, and he was saying, “You couldn’t have fallen in with a greater group of people.” I particularly love the records that Jack made with Pearl Jam — those two were so important to me.”

COS: I agree, those are great records. If you could ever get Jack onstage with Pearl Jam to do some Yield and No Code songs, I think that would be great. 

Josh: “Yeah, well, he was very nearly gonna come to Ohana, but it just didn’t work out. I had asked Jack to play, and we weren’t able to make it happen, but Jeff [Ament] had said, “If you need any bass, let me know.” And then Jack didn’t make it, but Jeff still said, “I’m down to play if you want.” So Jeff played a song with me, so I was looking forward to having those two at least reunite, although it would have been hard to play my own song if I was trying to just watch them.”