Pearl Jam Reveal Extensive 2022 World Tour?


Pearl Jam have been in and out of the news in the giant world of music over the last few long weeks. It all really seemed to have started when we saw the very legendary lead singer and solo artist of the band, Eddie Vedder start to take some big heat from fans. In case you missed it, Eddie Vedder was under fire from his own fans due to ticket prices being extremely high for his solo shows. Many lovers of Vedder were paying more than $200 per ticket just to be able to breathe the same air as him.

After that fiasco, which was never truly touched on by Vedder’s team, we saw Pearl Jam under fire for just about the same exact reason. This time around, fans swept it under the rug and chalked it up as a loss, but also a win because they would shell out the cash to see Pearl Jam no matter what.

When that had died down, Jeff Ament had some of his solo work leaked and it all seemed like one giant ploy to get eyes back on the band as they have faded out a bit over time due to some records just not being up to par like their classic records have. You can’t blame them though. Life just seems to happen and sometimes life is okay which makes it pretty hard to cry about it.

The reason this may all tie together is because Jeff Ament recently said how ready he is to tour. This could mean shows sooner rather than later which would be a huge surprise for everyone who has been paying attention to the band. Jeff stated the following as he was a guest on WMMR: “I haven’t been the guy in the band who’s wanting to go out and tour the whole year… and I can’t wait. I’m really ready to get out.”   This would indicate that an extensive world tour is coming.