Pearl Jam Rumored 2020 Tour Plans Revealed


Pearl Jam will reportedly release a new album and tour in 2020, according to insider Demetrios. The band are currently recording their new album, the first since 2013’s Lightning Bolt. A surprising Foo Fighters member revealed a few days ago that he rejected an offer to join Pearl Jam.

on2legs said on the Ten Club boards, “2020 has to be the year, right? Otherwise I’m getting worried.”

tino_11 wrote, “Dimi on Facebook has said that the band are recording the new album at the moment and will tour in 2020, so we’re good.”

hihobibo posted, “With the stadium shows, one benefit was that it seemed like every 10 Club member who put in for the lottery was awarded at least one show, which probably wouldn’t be the case with a smaller venue. So look at it that way if they head that route again in the future. Think positively!”

pearljammr78 said, “Sad to think that my last ever PJ show might have been Seattle 2 last year. But what a way to go out. The only way I’m going to another ball park show is if the play Fresno Grizzlies stadium and that’s NEVER going to happen.”

Zod chimed in, “Got a random text from a guy I worked with 20 years ago asking about a rumour he heard about PJ playing laketown shakedown next year here on Vancouver Island. That would be insanely cool to see them on my Island, but that festival is usually headline by leftover 80s bands. Maybe 8 to 10k people. The festival would need to up it’s game to attract PJ.” A Stone Temple Pilots member revealed last week why the band abandoned a brutal show with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.