Stone Temple Pilots Abandon Brutal Show With Pearl Jam


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo discussed playing at Lollapalooza in 1992 with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and he revealed that STP only played two shows, and abandoned one poor performance as the weather was unbearable. Eddie Vedder teased an emotional comeback song last week.

Below Empty asked DeLeo, “Another thing that has fascinated me over the last few weeks is STP’s participation in Lollapalooza ’92. If you look online in certain places now, it seems like STP played many or all of the tour’s 33 stops in North America. That doesn’t fit with some interview quotes from the past, but those do not definitively close the book on the matter. Over the summer I did some research that leads me to believe that the band’s first show as Stone Temple Pilots was Lollapalooza in Phoenix. Scott is quoted in an interview saying he hadn’t sung all summer of ’92 and blew his voice out and that the set was cut short to three songs. Is that correct?”

DeLeo responded, “It was about 115 degrees that day and we really didn’t have much of a dressing room, so we were quite exposed to the elements of summer in Phoenix. We stopped after a few songs.”

Below Empty followed up, “Do you recall at how many shows you played in total on Lollapalooza in ’92? Was it just two days, Phoenix on the 8th and Irvine Meadows on the 12th? Or did you guys play all three nights at Irvine Meadows?”

DeLeo responded, “I’m pretty sure just 2. Irvine and Phoenix.”

Scott Weiland attending a Pearl Jam show alongside Dave Grohl and Alice In Chains was revealed last week. Robert DeLeo discussed playing a Lollapalooza 1992 gig in Phoenix and meeting Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell in a 2002 KNAC interview.

“I remember the first gig we played as STP, and it was second stage in ’92 at Lollapalooza in Phoenix. I remember after we played, walking up to Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell who were talking together, and I said, ‘Hey’ and introduced myself and talked a little about my band, and those guys just stood there looking at me and didn’t give me the time of day. They just looked at me like, ‘What do you want asshole?’ It was just unbelievable, I guess, at how naïve I was. It’s hard for me to walk around with a chip on my shoulder like a lot of these bands were doing at that time. It’s a different atmosphere now. I feel like we’re the old guys.”

He was then asked by KNAC if he ran into Vedder or Cornell after the 1992 incident.

“No. There are so many nice guys I’d rather talk to. The guys from Staind and Godsmack are really cool.” A Scott Weiland movie release date was revealed last week.