Pearl Jam Rumored To Play Surprising American City That Rarely Gets Concerts


Pearl Jam are rumored on the Ten Club boards to play a show for Democrat Montana Senator Jon Tester later this year in Missoula. The band previously played for Tester in an election year.

dimitrispearljam posted:

there is this cool dude plays bass guitar in the band,.where is he from?

PJNB posted:

Do not need for a warm up show since they are playing until mid July in Europe. Rumours have been for awhile now that the last weekend in July for Missoula is happening but hoping the date is wrong since I am working.

RBAlive2727 posted:

Looks like Alt Nation and 99.9% Accurate Source Dimi is back on the board. Always good to see you chiming in, something will be popping soon. Right?

chiefnjk posted:

“Next year, we’ll have a different level of band that normally wouldn’t play a 4,000-capacity venue,” he said.
I think someone pointed this article out before but I can’t remember. Seems like this would be a pretty tough ticket to get. 

vedpunk posted:

They are not playing Philly.