Greta Van Fleet Singer Rips Horrible Performance In Video


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka recently called out his friend Logan for a ‘terrible’ filming performance on Instagram. Greta Van Fleet’s singer was recently photographed with a famous actress.

Gvf_homies commented, “Josh probably knows that any video he is in isn’t terrible right like this man is never not adorable sooo.”

4LF_0N53 posted on Reddit about Greta Van Fleet’s upcoming new album, “What would the tracks for the second album most likely be? Obviously ‘Black Flag Exposition’ is highly likely to be on the album and the album will likely be called that, but other than that, what songs should we expect to see on the album?”

mattszerlag chimed in, “There is no information at this time. It’s not like before when they’d play new songs pre-release at their shows. This will probably be all new with the exception of 1 song.”

Ba11istiKa responded, “Hard to say to be honest. I don’t think they’ve played any of the options besides Black Flag Exp. I would hope they give us some updated versions of the old songs like Thunderstomp, Standing On, Written in Gold, Cloud Train, etc.”

TurnTo11 chimed in, “They’ve already done a proper recording of standing on, and so I’m not sure that’ll be resurrected.”

Ba11istiKa concluded about the myth of one of Greta’s EP being a full length album, “No it’s second. Anthem of the Peaceful Army was their first, full-fledged album. Before that, From the Fires was just an EP.” A Greta Van Fleet member was filmed chugging alcohol onstage at a recent show.