Pearl Jam Stunning New Album Leak Revealed


Pearl Jam appear to either be done recording their new album, or they are much further along than many fans would be led to believe according to insider dimitrispearljam on the Ten Club boards. dimitrispearljam confirmed Pearl Jam’s ‘mind-blowing’ 2020 tour plan a couple of days ago, and he has confirmed major tour scoops over the last decade or so.

He posted in a thread by titled ‘Breaking News: Pearl Jam are in studio working on new album’ that work in the studio appears to be done. He wrote, “That’s old news actually. Was would be the right word to use.”

DrDeal posted, “Next year is a a Presidential Election year. PJ will release a LP and tour so they can loudly participate in the opposition to Trump. It’s pretty simple. This band does not continue to exist just to “Make Music”. They want to make a difference with their music. Next year will be one to remember. I look forward to some great music and some memorable shows in arenas.”

dimitrispearljam responded, “I agree…it’s happening..”

He also posted, “ 26th is not rehearsing anything..25th..nope..24th..nope..22nd the article was out..nope..the album is in completely different status than rehearsing new material….the end.”

Pearl Jam last released Lightning Bolt in 2013, and this has by far been the longest gap between new album, with some starting to compare it to Tool’s Fear Inoculum and Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy. Pearl Jam released a new song titled “Can’t Deny Me” in March 2018 for their ‘forthcoming’ new album. Eddie Vedder’s wife revealed a massive paycheck for a great cause a few days ago.