Pearl Jam Tour Announcement ‘Will Blow Your Mind’


Pearl Jam tour plans have been confirmed by insider dimitrispearljam on the Ten Club boards for around a decade now, as he appears to have sources very close to the band. dimitrispearljam has now confirmed a major tour is planned that appears to be expensive, as he recommends fans save their money. Pearl Jam’s rumored 2020 new album and tour plans were first revealed last week.

He posted on the Ten Club boards a couple of days ago, “Things got real. Will blow your minds whats coming. One tip.. Save fuckin money!!”

BrainofBGA responded, “I’m thinking maybe Australia + more. Is expensive to come down here! ‘Blow our minds’ …makes me think more than just an Aussie tour is in the pipeline, maybe special guests? Further Asia destinations? NZ?

I really want a new album but an early 2020 Oz tour before the album would be cool. Play a couple of new tracks but hit us between the eyes with some epic shows and deep cuts. An Oz tour always coincides with an album, so a non album tour would be cool.”

bootlegger10 posted, “Look at us getting excited about a Japan show. Humans are inherently optimistic. This is exciting though to see what is in store. $18k for a first class round trip flight to Tokyo from Chicago in March.”

JimmyV said, “We have a small number of credible voices when it comes to the band’s unannounced plans in this community. Personally, I’m glad they let us know what they can when they do.” Dave Grohl rejecting a major Pearl Jam offer was revealed a couple of weeks ago.