Maynard James Keenan Fights Tool Bandmate In Studio


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan described fighting with his bandmates as they made the new Tool album Fear Inoculum in a new interview. Keenan described himself Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor as ‘pig-heads.’

“You’ve got four very strong personalities and they all…mostly disagree, and it’s a fight in the room to get your piece in and compromise with the other guys, and it’s a process for me that is frankly exhausting. Every decision should be to serve the song. But I get the dynamic, I understand the dynamic.”

“But for one more strong-willed pig-headed person to be in the room while the rest of them are being that same way…four pig-heads in the room is bad. So I’ll remove my pig-head and let them have their pig-head interaction until they have sorted it out, and then I’ll roll in.” Keenan made the remarks in a new Junkee interview.

Hello_Hollow_Halo posted on the Tool Reddit a response to haters of Fear Inoculum who have trashed the album since it leaked.

“Maynard doesn’t sing over every single fucking measure of songs that are 10+ minutes long. Boo-fucking-hoo.

There’s tape hiss. Boo-fucking-hoo. 10k days was too loud. Now FI is so quiet in some parts that you can literally hear the analog tape . Go cry about it.

The drum mix isn’t the perfect blend of Lateralus and Aenima. Oh no! Insert some unfounded virtue signaling comment of being worried that JB was engineering again. Call the fucking whaaaambulance.

It’s not heavy enough. There’s literally passages that sound like they’re straight out of Catch 33. Suck a fat dick.

This sub is more toxic now than prior to new material being released, and it’s sad. Why come here if the only thing you’re gong to contribute is your negative bullshit? Enjoy it for what it is. Some of us waited 13 years.

Edit: this post triggered all the album haters. Let’s just shit on the album and band in the sub from now on! You all sucked Maynard’s hog for the last 13 years, we finally get what we want and all we have to talk about is what we don’t like about it!” Maynard James Keenan mocked the new Tool album leak yesterday.

  • Fred Simmons

    Nice click bait, ya royal piece of trash. Ever tried being an honest man?

    • rYaN bAlDwiN

      Its Disqus, what do you expect, but regardless if you actually watched the podcast, he said these things in the flesh, soooooo yeah.

  • rYaN bAlDwiN

    Bunch of entitled little snots, all of Tool are assholes, I meet them all and I am more impressed with the music rather than they’re distasteful attitude problems and disdain for fans who make them loads of money and buy merch products at shows, Maynard wine isnt worth the price he asks for it, way out of range for any normal blue collar worker, $175 for a bottle of wine that doesnt even rival other options from Itay or other regions that are half the price and aged longer, just a bunch of cash grabbing assholes pig heads, what do you expect from these capitalist turds? Still love the music, don’t care for the persona or personalities of any them, seems like they feel the same way about each other, go figure. Karma is a bitch and they got what deserved on this album release, I highly doubt they will ever put another album out ever again cause they care more about themselves than the music.

    • David Gasparetto

      Thank you.

  • Mike G


  • Dick

    If you ever seen the wine documentary about Maynard’s vineyard, (I don’t recommend it) you will see his a total nihilist and unemotional twat. He says touring is such a drain on his energy and he hates it, yet if you look at bands like GWAR, when David Brockie was alive they toured USA doing 5 or 6 shows a week 52 weeks a year with little to no time off, then they would hit Eurpore and Australia in the same hardcore schedule, year after year, so these guys, Tool can go fuck themselves,love the music, but they are like soft little babies crying they’re eyes out cause nobody cares, they rather live in the little bubbles they created than be actual real rock stars who take the grit and force it takes to be a real musician, put them on the road schedule that GWAR had year after year and they would crumble into a mess of a anxiety and shit! PLUS Gwar turnout album after album, show after shoe cause they love music and the fans and touring, Maynard and Tool are pussies, they cry and complain about every little thing,love the music but they are really in it for themselves rather than the people and the sake of during art. In reality, they actually have become the very name of the band, TOTAL TOOLS! Tool are TOOLS!! You will have better luck looking in your TOOL SHED than finding a passionate artist here.

  • Unknown Soldier

    The album is shit for none of the reasons mentioned… If an album is going to take 13 years, it better sound like it took more than 13 days to write and record lol. It has a few good musical moments but it’s lazy and Maynard… The lyrics are 2d AF and his performance is so bland it makes school dinners seem exciting… It’s like 80 minutes of Wings for Marie without the excuse that it was for the loss of his mum… And they want £80 for this lifeless garbage.

    There are epic musical moments.. Not a lot, but some.

    There is not one quotable lyric. F you buddy. Learn to swim. I know the pieces fit. Who are you to wave your finger? Und keine eir.
    Nothing memorable and instantly recognisable like those.
    Lazy crap that they know is going to sell.

    • they didn’t work on it for 13 years you absolute dolt!!!

      • Unknown Soldier

        No “you absolute dolt”. They worked on it for 8 years and then another 5 years.

    • Drumjod

      Yeah, I’ve only listened to it once, but none of it stood out to me. It sounded like they threw down a bunch of their unused and uninspired riffs that weren’t good enough for other songs without finding a way to bridge them into something cohesive. The songs came across as a collection of repeated riffs rather than complete songs.

      Maybe they couldn’t find the passion or chemistry to evolve them into something interesting this time. I’ve enjoyed some of Maynard’s newer work elsewhere. Maybe he’s been able to get his best ideas out into those other projects so he didn’t have anything great in his backlog to contribute to Adam Jones leftovers. I’d expect this sort of work from a less experienced band trying to emulate Tools sound and style.

      To be fair, some of my favorite albums didn’t grab me at first but grew on me over time, so I’ll give FI a few more listens and hope that I’m just missing something 🙂

  • Cesar Marquez

    Jesus!!! you mother fukers sound salty ass fuck.