Pearl Jam Sued For Huge Money Over 90’s Classic


Stone Gossard revealed in a new Pearl Jam Vs. 25th anniversary special that Pearl Jam were sued for $40,000 over their use of an image of an elderly woman in the album art work. The art was meant to represent “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”. Alternative Nation transcribed Gossard’s comments.

“Just that sort of saying hello, and just the way the crowd connects to that line, and how it’s become sort of this moment where the band actually says hello to the crowd in a way. For some reason, every time we play that song, after that line, the show has a different character. Suddenly it feels like it’s opened up, and that we’re able to express our appreciation more, or at least I am personally, for the situation that we’re in and for all of the people who enjoy our music, and how much we appreciate them. So it’s really a door opener, that song.

The only thing also that I remember from it also is the the elderly woman image that we used in the record. I don’t know who ended up taking the picture, but she sued us because we didn’t get her permission or something, and she was upset because she didn’t think she was an elderly woman. We had to pay somebody off at some point. I think the elderly woman that we took the picture of wanted 40 grand if I’m not mistaken, which is fine. It’s all good.”