Pearl Jam Taking Extended Break After 2022?


There has been a lot of news as of late with Pearl Jam. At first, news had broke about Stone Gossard being very vocal about work being done for an all new album that he seems really pleased with. Stone stated that all of the members of the band were working very hard to write to make the album something to remember.

With that said by Stone, it’s safe to say that the band are still active in the way of writing new music to be released. There is no set timeframe on when the album will be released, but it doesn’t seem like 2022 will be the year that it comes out as the year is almost over. To add, Stone went ever further to say that the safest bet would be 2024.

While Stone dropped a little bit of insight to the release year of this un-named album, he also stated that we may have to wait until 2024 to see another Pearl Jam tour. A break may be in mind for the band to not only continue writing their upcoming record, but to just take a break in general to get back on their feet again as touring mixed with writing can be a very rough cocktail.

Stone Gossard also recorded a song with Iggy Pop titled All The Way Down, the song will be published in the new Iguana album, Every Loser, coming out in January 6th for Gold Tooth Music, the new Andrew Watt record label that also produced the record.

To promote the release of Every Loser, Chad Smith and Andrew Watt (who are also members of The Earthlings, Eddie Vedder live band) with Duff McKagan form Guns N’ Roses, will be the Godfather of Punk backing band for some American spring shows that will be coming up.

Special thanks to Pearl Jam Online.