Howard Stern Drops Tom Brady Girlfriend Bombshell


As if Tom Brady’s dad didn’t dish a blow that knocked Tom’s ego off its pedestal. The old-timer, Howard Stern, decided he’d throw his hat into the Tom bashing game this week. Howard’s target, Tom Brady’s girlfriend. Tom’s had a pretty tough time of things lately. It would appear that Howard Stern, the acid tongue, was not about to not capitalize on the situation. What did Howard say?

According to the New York Post, Tom Brady is no stranger to kissing and telling with Howard Stern, and now, the latter is speculating about the quarterback’s personal affairs post-divorce.

During Wednesday’s edition of “Hollyweird Squares,” Howard Stern was joined on-air by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. The two of them pondered Brady’s love life following his split from wife Gisele Bündchen earlier this year.

Stern said:

“Mad Dog, the big question everyone wants to know, with Brady getting divorced and because you’re close to him … is he having sexual relations with women, now that he is divorced, what’s going on there? What’s your best guess, I know you don’t know for sure,” Stern asked Russo.

Brady is entrenched in the season, despite a challenging year for the 6-7 Buccaneers, Russo suggested a whole lot more may very well be on the quarterback’s schedule.

“Is Tom Brady a good looking guy, and is he the greatest quarterback of all time?” Russo asked, to which both he and Stern responded, “Yes.” This is telling. Why is stern concerned by the way Tom looks?

“You mean to tell me right now that Tom Brady — I understand he wants to study football 24/7, but the Bucs are having a lousy year … you mean to tell me that Tom Brady is going sexless in the last 18, 19 weeks? I would find that hard to believe,” Russo continued.

Tom Brady, who is currently in his staggering 23rd NFL season, and third overall with the Buccaneers, finalized his divorce from Bündchen in October after 13 years of marriage. It’s tragic.