Pearl Jam To Perform At Record Store


Pearl Jam will have a secret concert tonight at Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, TN. The show will be a warm up for the band’s performance at Bonnaroo on Saturday in Manchester, TN. Grimey’s gave 25 tickets to their fan club members to the show tonight. Check out photos below of the venue.


Jeff Gorra recently wrote a ‘Deep Cuts’ editorial about Third Man Records for Alternative Nation, read an excerpt below, and click here to read the full article.

My first thought as I got out of the car at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN was – this feels right. I had no idea where I was having never been to Nashville before, but something about the industrial street on the edge of Pie Town, where Third Man Records has literally set up shop, just seemed Rock N’ Roll. From its subtle, yet vibrant facade with the lightning rig symbol on the roof, to the neighborly warehouse foundation still intact, I found Third Man Records to be genuinely honest before I even stepped in the door.


Jack White is obviously well-known for his dynamic music with The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and his solo material. As you can tell from White’s eclectic mix of old-fashioned guitars, White is also a bit of music historian with a passion for vinyl. White started Third Man Records as Detroit-based independent label in 2001. The initial intent was to use the label to reissue some of the White Stripes early material via “45’s. From there, White continued to produce various artists and reissue more of his own material on the Third Man label, mostly as exclusive vinyl offerings.

The name Third Man, has meaning behind it as well. Almost every record in the Jack White catalog has his Third Man logo imprinted somewhere on it – even those released prior to the launch of Third Man Records. White has occasionally expressed his admiration for the number three and the 1949 film The Third Man. As White worked on his music in the 90’s, he also had an upholstery company named Third Man Upholstery.