Pearl Jam To Return Live On Major Holiday?


Pearl Jam are rumored to be planning a Nashville concert on Memorial Day weekend, according to a new rumor on the Ten Club board. This would come just a few months after Eddie Vedder’s upcoming solo tour.

The Who co-founder Pete Townshend recently spoke about Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Townshend recently had an interview with Mojo. He had previously revealed how Vedder expressed his desire to retire. Townshend had recalled when he came across Vedder, who wanted to retire. They had a great conversation and Townshend even shared his take on Vedder’s words.

Pete Townshend’s brother was spotted with Eddie Vedder

During the interview, Townshend said that since then, he and Vedder have turned into good friends and they have a great bond. The former talked about having a couple of brothers, and one of them owns a pub with Vedder often dropping by for a round of drinks or two.

He said:

“And since then, we’ve been very good friends, but it goes further than that. He’s also very good friends with my brothers. My two brothers are much younger than me. Simon is 14 years younger and my brother Paul is 12 years younger. And they still live in the same street that I grew up in. And often I’ll hear from, you know, somebody in Ealing Common: “Oh, we saw Eddie Vedder and your brother Paul in the pub the other day.” I’m like, “I didn’t even know he was here.” “Oh, he was just passing through but he bought a few rounds.” In other words, people in Paul’s local pub in Ealing know Eddie Vedder probably as well as anybody.”

Speaking about Vedder, it was previously speculated that he would be canceling his 2022 tour. Rumors about Eddie Vedder wanting to cancel the tour started on a website that is dedicated to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. The fans had found out that a website was reselling tickets under the name of the venue that was hosting an Eddie Vedder show, but the website that was reselling the tickets was fraudulent.