Steven Tyler Daughter Photos With Famous Woman Leak


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler once sang “Lord of the Thighs”, but would this make Liv Tyler the “Goddess of the Thighs”? The incomparable actress and model surprised everyone recently when she took to social media to Instagram to post a series of black and white modeling photos in which she is laying down on a very plush bed. She was with Helena Christensen, who took the photos. Steven Tyler’s girlfriend recently revealed what Tom Petty did to her.

Liv looks dazzling in this sequined dress with her legs going on for days as well as her being sensually stretched out on the bed is showcased within the first picture. The second photo shows off her smoky, seductive side with her eye makeup on point and posing in a steamy matter that will sure to get all of her fans’ attention.

Her fans, indeed, did respond in droves once the mini photoshoot dropped.

Skip__baker said: “Jesus !! Liv you could burn the damn house down with your pose on the bed. Wowww Just Wowww.”

Brad Pitt looks miserable in a new photo with Steven Tyler’s daughter. Markweaver964 replied: “That’s a great bed. Plenty of room to cozy up and read to the kiddos. I bet you’re working out a lot. You look fabulous. Well, I have to get back on to writing my children’s book. Thanks for sharing your photos. It is a real treat.”

Asia_pracz put: “When I saw you in “Crazy” many years ago, I thought you were the most beautiful person and wished looked like you. You haven’t changed, perfect as always. Gorgeous photo”

Omartlatelpa proclaimed: “So beautiful and sexy you are! I adore you. I Like You Very Much and I Love You Very Much. I send you kisses and hugs from San Pablo del Monte, Tlaxcala, México.” This Steven Tyler embarrassing haircut photo was revealed not too long ago.