Pearl Jam’s Dave Krusen On Why He’s ‘Staying Out Of’ Dave Abbruzzese Hall of Fame Petition


Original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen reacted to the fan made online petition to get Dave Abbruzzese inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Pearl Jam, that Abbruzzese himself has linked to on Facebook, in a new Rolling Stone interview. Read an excerpt from the interview below.

Did you see the Pearl Jam 20 documentary?

Oh. They don’t give much time to the drummers. They blow past the whole thing in about 40 seconds.

The whole thing with Pearl Jam and drummers, honestly, I feel bad because I don’t understand people’s high school clique conversations on Facebook and whatnot. People can have a favorite drummer. I understand that. But to try and tear one down to build the other up, I don’t understand that. I can’t get with that. I think Matt Cameron is, by far, the best drummer the band has ever had, in my opinion.

The Hall of Fame are just taking in you and Matt Cameron. Do you think that was the right call?

Oh God, I have no idea. I mean, I’m so … I have no idea. I do know there’s a lot going on on Facebook. I guess somebody is starting a petition or…I don’t know. I’m staying out of that. I do know this: Having been in that band, when you leave you are still representing them. That was a big part of how I got myself together. I felt like just because I’m not in that band, I’m still out there and people are like, “Oh, you played in that band?” You’re like an ambassador and you better keep your shit together. That whole thing was instrumental in me getting my shit together. The whole drummer controversy with the band, obviously Matt Cameron should be there. Beyond that, I guess I’ll just stay out of it.