A Perfect Circle Unveil 2017 Lineup


A Perfect Circle have shared their first 2017 group photo, which confirms that the band’s current lineup remains unchanged from the last time the band toured 4 years ago. The lineup includes Maynard James Keenan on vocals, Billy Howerdel on lead guitar, James Iha on rhythm guitar, Matt McJunkins on bass, and Jeff Friedl on drums.

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Tool revealed on their website yesterday that Maynard James Keenan is finally working on his vocals for the band’s new album.

“In speaking with Danny last night, he told me that the band has temporarily MOVED some of their gear into a larger space (across town) where MAYNARD is working on VOCALS for some of the new Tool material. I’m sure that he has already been doing this to some extent, but now he has more room to breathe and a better vocal booth.”

This is positive news, especially as Maynard James Keenan recently discussed annoying Tool fans on The Strombo Show (via Ultimate-Guitar): “I think those ‘When’s the fucking album…’ [complaints] – those things are so much a larger symptom in our culture that goes way beyond that question and that specific band.

“Just the entitlement and that you are owed something.

“It’s unfortunate that the voice that social media has given people, they’re so disconnected with the bigger picture and the movements of things. We really need a meteor. We need something that’s going to get people organized with each other.”

“We need a meteor to just kind of – and that’s just metaphorical – but I don’t think it’s the meteor of hate, because I think that is just going to end up making things pretty awful. What we need is something that’s an outside meteor that brings people together, that they start realizing that they need to help each other and that they let go of some of that crap.”