Eddie Van Halen Family Detail ‘Last Voicemail’ Recording


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen detailed the voicemail that many fans thought might be the ‘last voicemail’ from Ed heard at the end of the “Distance” music video, saying he spoke that that every time he left him a voicemail, and that there wasn’t any special occasion behind the voicemail. Sammy Hagar just tried to call Alex Van Halen.

Wolfgang said, “I’ve gotten tons of questions about the voicemail at the end of the Distance video.

‘What was the context?’
‘A special occasion?’

Nope. He was just that amazing and loving of a father that he felt the need to leave messages like that every time he called me. He was the best.”

Radio DJ A.D. responded, “In tears when I heard it. I wrote it down. If I ever have kids, I want to make sure I say it to them. Btw. Playing distance on the radio right now on @Rock1053. Amazing job.”

Wolfgang responded, “Thanks so much!”

Blabbermouth recently published a headline that said, “WOLFGANG VAN HALEN Says His Father Didn’t Want To Get Involved In Making Of MAMMOTH WVH Album: ‘He Didn’t Wanna Touch It.'”

Wolfgang responded, “Well that’s a horribly backwards way of putting it when you pick and choose words and take things out of context to make a clickbait-y as FUCK headline.

This makes it seems like he hated it.

He couldn’t have been happier with it, or prouder of it.”

He added, “And happy turkey day, ya motherfuckers.” Eddie Van Halen claiming he ‘missed’ Michael Anthony when sick was just detailed.