Grammys Explain Bullshit That Led To Disrespect Of Alice In Chains & Metallica


In a new Loudwire article, The Recording Academy’s Head of Awards, Bill Freimuth explained the bureaucratic Grammy selection process and how it has changed over the years. An incident where Jethro Tull embarrassingly beat Metallica is referenced, and while the process changed, it has still led to bands including Alice In Chains frequently getting snubbed. Alice In Chains have been snubbed from a victory for decades despite several nominations. Layne Staley made his final public appearance at the 1997 Grammys, and stated it would be a dream come true to win an award.

“I wasn’t here at that time and I don’t weigh in on the choices made by our voters,” Freimuth stated lightheartedly. “What happened as a result of that particular situation is that we’ve made a change to our process where we added this whole layer called screening committees. We now have 24 different committees of people ranging in size anywhere from 15 to 70 people who sit around and listen to all the music and make sure that it gets to the right category so something like that doesn’t embarrass us again.”

Alice In Chains’s Rainier Fog has been nominated for a 2019 Grammy. Could the Grammys bureaucratic committee finally show them the respect they deserve with a victory? We’ll have to wait and see.