Perry Farrell Announces Jane’s Addiction Health Emergency


Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction has really dropped a bombshell via having the band Porno For Pyros playing their first full set since 1998 yesterday (May 22) at the Welcome to Rockville festival at Daytona Motor Speedway in Daytona, Florida. The group was a short-notice replacement for Jane’s Addiction, who canceled due to what it said was guitarist Dave Navarro’s “long bout with the virus has been sweeping the world”.

Yesterday, Perry Farrell was backed by Porno For Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano as well as on-again/off-again bassist Mike Watt. Original drummer Stephen Perkins was announced last week as part of the lineup but did not perform due to a “bad infection,” according to Farrell. He was replaced by his drum tech Mike Gryciuk, while Farrell collaborator Nick Maybury also played guitar. Farrell’s wife Etty Lau and Joie Shettler provided backing vocals.

Perry Ferrell and the group did a good amount of classic songs to get the fans involved with the set. Fans have shared that the set was a great rendition of Jane’s Addiction. In fact, Perry is sounding a lot like his younger self during these rundowns of the sets.

It has to be said that Jane’s Addiction will tour with Smashing Pumpkins this fall, beginning Oct. 2 in Dallas. The tour will be a good time as the band have been with each other before and it led to a great show. Fans will be sure to make it out to the tour coming up with these two giants in the rock space.

It should also be noted that we have just hit the 35 year mark since Jane’s Addiction have released their debut self-titled album which shot them to super stardom very quickly. The album is still regarded highly to this day by both long time fans and those who are just every day listeners.