Photographer Reveals Why Chris Cornell Seemed Upset At Final Show


Ken Settle, who photographed Chris Cornell at Soundgarden’s final show in May 2017, discusses the concert on Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chris Cornell, set for premiere Sunday on Reelz Channel at 9PM EST.

“The last time I photographed Chris was at the very final Soundgarden show, it was an emotional thing.”

“It’s been reported that they often did that song, and they would often work parts of that song into some of their own music. Whether that meant something that serious to him at that time, I really don’t know.”

“Later on in the night, there were moments where his voice wasn’t maybe as consistent. when I look back at YouTube videos, I can see some moments where there was some slurring, and where he wasn’t hitting the notes like you would expect.”

“It seemed like he was a little bit perturbed about something. That was very uncharacteristic, considering how the show started.”

During another portion of the special, Settle discussed Chris’ love for his family, including wife Vicky and children Lily, Toni, and Christopher. “There was this whole other level of joy in his life because of his family.”

Cornell died by suicide following Soundgarden’s concert at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.