Pink Floyd Admitted To Ripping Off Big Name


David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has had quite the 2022 so far, as the co-founder would reunite the beloved and acclaimed group to support the efforts going on in Ukraine. However, it also goes without saying that Pink Floyd has created some of the most memorable songs in all of rock history. during a 2015 interview with Uncut, Gilmour would exclaim how much he was channeling his inner Ray Davies, of The Kinks fame on the group’s 1970’s Atom Heart Mother, more specifically that album’s track entitled ‘Fat Old Sun’. Credit to Far Out Magazine for the below.

“It’s one of those songs where the whole thing fell together very easily,” Gilmour explained. “I remember thinking at the time, ‘What have I ripped this off? I’m sure it’s by the Kinks or someone…’ But since whenever it was – 1968, ’69 – no one has ever yet said, ‘It’s exactly like this.’ it’s a nice lyric, I’m very happy with that.”

Likewise, during an interview that took place in 2003 for the BBC Radio 4 program Desert Island Discs would further explain what the classic track by the Kinks, Waterloo Sunset, meant to him, elaborating that the best time to listen to the song is “on a lovely warm beach, to listen to this in ‘somewhere else’ sunset, and missing London would be a wonderful moment”. Gilmour would also give the track high praises during his concert film, Remember The Night, Live at Royal Albert Hall, where he would say: “For me, the perfect pop song is ‘Waterloo Sunset’ by the Kinks. I would have loved to have written that.”

During a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, David Gilmour would explain that for fans, the recent collaboration and Pink Floyd reunion is simply a one-off. “When I spoke to Nick [Mason], and he said he was willing to do it as Pink Floyd, it seemed like a no-brainer. We want to spread this message of peace, and we want to raise the morale of the people who are defending their homeland there in Ukraine.”