Pink Floyd Icon Confirms ‘New Bassist’ For Reunion


We recently reported how Pink Floyd icon, Roger Waters recently took to social media to showcase this video snippet of him playing the signature opening guitar opening to Eric Clapton and Cream’s acclaimed track ‘Sunshine of Your Love’. In a follow-up to that, we have discovered the reason why as Waters announced, in this uploaded short video how he will be playing with the remaining members of Cream for a reunion show that will take place in London on February 17th. Roger Waters announces David Gilmour ‘replacement’ news.

In other news regarding Roger Waters, fans took to social media to discuss the impactful legacy of one of Waters’ most legendary solo albums – ‘Amused to Death’. One fan proclaimed: ” I was quite surprised by this album= it is an incredible recording! Honestly, I hadn’t realized that Roger Walters, a bass player, and vocalist for Pink Floyd, was so much of the creative force behind “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall”. The album is quite a statement on war and man’s foolish addiction to entertainment. Beyond the artistry of the musician, the recording itself is a landmark, much acclaimed by audiophiles and studio engineers. Mixed using audio techniques by “Q Sound”, the effects and localization of sounds are downright spooky, even by Pink Floyd standards; dogs barking out the door to my far right, a gorilla flipping TV channels in the woods behind my left shoulder, a choir drifting beyond the wall behind my speakers – Wow. I can’t say enough about this “discovery”. (Where have I been all these years?) . Buy this album – you will love it and listen to it over and over again.” Roger Waters brutally rips terrible David Gilmour songs.

While another fan put: “Unless you’re an inhuman, inhuman monster, that is, then this will never make sense to you. Roger’s already showing his age in his vocals on this one, but the lyrical content is as poignant as ever. Leftist, people call him. I don’t know, he mostly cares about not killing more people. If that’s leftist, then whatever. I’ve seen the left kill as many as the right over the years, neither side is correct. And this album nails every part of that thought. Who ya gonna kill next?” Roger Waters makes brutal David Gilmour ‘divorce’ claim.