Pink Floyd ‘Wasted’ Member Ejected Out Of Bar


Former Pink Floyd touring bassist Guy Pratt was recently featured on AXS TV’s A Life on the Road series. Here, the acclaimed bassist discussed having to be ‘surgically removed’ from the bar during one of the band’s tours, which he described as a ‘party tour.’ Roger Waters ‘spitting’ on a Pink Floyd fan at show was also revealed.

“It was horrifying when I think about it, but yes we were having a lot of fun. We were all united behind David, Nick, and Rick. It was very much a party tour. I think in Nick’s book, he mentions something about me being ‘surgically removed’ from the bar at about 3 AM most nights. But yes, it was a party tour.

In other news regarding Guy Pratt era Pink Floyd, fans of the psychedelic group took to social media to discuss one of Pratt’s most classic Pink Floyd contributions – 1988’s Delicate Sound of Thunder. David Gilmour breaks Pink Floyd guitar at show.

One fan noted: “This groundbreaking concert predates Pulse by Years. I walked into Tower Records in NY a long time ago, and this concert laserdisc was playing throughout the store on all the monitors and I was transfixed. Everyone in the store was watching the monitors. Forget comparing it to Pulse as many like to do. Forget the “no Rodger, no Floyd” comments. Delicate stands on its own merit.

David Gilmour revealed how Roger Waters ‘ruined’ Pink Floyd recently. The fan continued: “Make no mistake this is Dave Gilmour’s show and he is in total control of the audience. Although there has never been a real DVD release of this, its clearly a classic Pink Floyd arena show only available on this CD. Just to point out, The original Pulse video and audio CD are no longer available in its original mix, both have been re-edited and remixed for DVD release a few years ago. Fans should snag this unmolested original concert while you can still get it. There is no clear evidence that this reissue is remastered or not, but either way, I have no regrets on this purchase.”