David Gilmour Breaks Pink Floyd Guitar At Show


Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson discussed how inclement weather played a role in Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour breaking one of his guitars and the slow destruction of one of the band’s concerts in Texas. This revelation happened the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast entitled, ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast.’ Alternative Nation transcribed Jackson’s comments. David Gilmour revealed how Roger Waters ‘ruined’ Pink Floyd recently.

Andy Jackson: A couple of particular ones which were both, I mean in some ways both bits of disaster. One which was Houston where we got subject to a full Texas tropical rainstorm and it just destroyed the show. Even though in theory the stage is covered, it’s only covered so much in the rain that the rain got through and one by one by one things broke down so they ended up, they were playing as a trio. It was just David [Gilmour], Guy [Pratt] and Nick [Mason] playing ‘Run Like Hell’ and then David broke his guitar. That was it, that was the end of it and the end of the show. So yeah, that was extraordinary.

Jackson continues: I remember a really stupid thing that the one person who had avoided getting wet was the sax player because he was sort of further back and completely bone dry. When it all completely finished he went to pack up his saxophones, he got to the case and a bit of the roof gave way and this sort of dust-bin shaped column of water came down and completely cartoon-styled just absolutely walloped him. Just God having a laugh at his expense. This Pink Floyd reunion for ‘two albums’ was recently discussed.