Geddy Lee Savagely Disrespected By Rush Fan At Restaurant


Word of advice, if Rush frontman Geddy Lee shows up to your establishment you should probably say hi and ask for an autograph. At least that’s what one business owner’s brother surely had to of been thinking when the impossible happened and the Rush icon attended a local smoothie shop. Unfortunately, the business owner didn’t say anything towards the Rush singer because he didn’t want to bother him. Rush singer Geddy Lee secretly hired this big name drummer.

As the brother of the business owner stated in his own words via Twitter: “My brother just told me that Geddy Lee came into his work the other day to buy a smoothie and he acted like he didn’t know him because he didn’t want to bother him….what the actual ****.”

In other news regarding Rush and Geddy Lee, the Rush singer recently revealed how The Who’s classic hit ‘My Generation’ is one of his favorite bass-oriented songs of all time in a new feature from Rolling Stone. Rush singer Geddy Lee recently reacted to tragic brain injury.

Lee stated: “Seriously? A Pop song with bass solos? John “The Ox” Entwistle was arguably the greatest rock bassist of them all, daring to take the role and sound of the bass guitar and push it out of the murky depths while strutting those amazing chops with his own kind of “Twang!” The Ox’s playing was bold and incredibly dexterous. That right hand … Seriously?”

Lee also had high praise for another masterclass track, ‘Roundabout’ by Yes as he said: ” Another hit song driven by an outrageously complex and rockin’ bass line. I could have chosen any one of a dozen Yes songs that shows off the melodic and rhythmic genius that was Chris Squire. It was a pure privilege to play this song with Yes in 2017 at their (long overdue) induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” A Rush singer’s surprising drummer offer revealed: ‘it’s time.