Police Release Photos From Scene Of Chris Cornell’s Death


UPDATE: Click here to view more photos.

Detroit Police have released crime scene photos and new details on Chris Cornell’s death, The Detroit News reports.

Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten told police he found Chris Cornell lying in the bathroom, while another report states the Soundgarden frontman was lying at the foot of his king-sized bed “at the entry doorway to the bathroom.”

“The door of the bathroom is opened,” the report said. “On the floor of the bathroom, is a large drag mark of blood with a red rubber resistance band with black handles laying across the gathered blood. One end of the resistance band is fashioned with a loop utilizing a hooking latch at the base of the handle.

“There is blood splatter on the side of the bathtub,” the report said. “Further investigation of the bathroom indicated a small notch in the top of the bathroom door. This notch appears to be indicative as to where the resistance band was positioned when used as a tool for hanging.”

See crime scene photos below. Note that Cornell’s body is not visible in any of the photos, the hand seen is Martin Kirsten’s.