Motley Crue Icon Brutal Arrest Video Revealed


Motley Crue iconic drummer revealed this throwback video clip of himself heading out of the courthouse on Instagram. Sixx said: “Sometimes you gotta go to court, oh and don’t forget all the mugshöts.” You can check out the clip below. This Motley Crue icon recently leaked a ‘strange’ photo after this rehab claim.

One fan, Marisatellez73 on Instagram stated: ” I love that the first crack of a smile after walking through all that was toward a Motley fan.”

Tessa.terry.52 wrote: “You’re so damn hot then and now tell me, Nikki Sixx, where is your fountain of youth at? I want to use it cause you’re growing older gracefully. You’re beautiful and so is your baby girl Ruby. Love ya lots, Nikki.

This Motley Crue singer confirmed this terrifying death report. Therealkimbothebimbo replied: “As I rewatch this I notice that you are not smiling until you are greeted by a fan, then your face lights up and you give her attention! That is what makes you so very special”

And another fan, Morgan_plans1974′ said: “I love how you lit up when you saw that fan though. Even in the midst of that lawsuit you took a minute to make her day! Well done you! You, sir, have a heart of gold.