Queen & Black Sabbath Huge 2019 Announcement Revealed


Queen guitarist Brian May and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi appear to be working on some sort of project together, as May was helping Iommi find forgotten guitar riffs.

“Hard at work !!! @iommi099 searching for forgotten riffs – and finding about 500 !! Bri.”

“Hard at work ! In search of riffs – and finding about 500 !”

“A different photo with my best friend.”

Brian May recently posted on Instagram, “First Rhododendron in my garden. In IG stereo 3-D. I’m lucky – much of what is in my garden was planted by an eminent Victorian plant explorer – Sir Joseph Hooker. Many of these beauties are hybrids – progeny of the specimens he brought back from Nepal and existing Rhodos already growing in Surrey. I’m thankful for once not to be away on tour at this time of the year, so I can enjoy these glorious blooms. Enjoy this with me ! We can never take it for granted that we will see another Spring. Again, swipe for the crossed-eye view. Bri.”

Tony Iommi recently wrote on Instagram, “What a fantastic day today at the Black Sabbath Bench unveiling. It was so nice to see the wonderful turnout of fans from all over the world…Thank you all so much for coming and supporting this fabulous event…really great!! Thank you also on behalf of Ozzy, Geezer, Bill and myself, Tony to all the people who were involved in putting this special day into reality, Mohammed Osama, Tarek Abdelkawi , Mike Olley and my old mate Jasper Carrott and many more…. thank you so much. — Tony.”