Eddie Vedder’s Wife Reveals Why He’s Been Silent About Chris Cornell


Many fans have wondered why Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder did not attend late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s funeral in May 2017 or the ‘I Am The Highway’ tribute show in Los Angeles in January, and Eddie’s wife Jill Vedder has offered the first direct response to a fan asking about his absence.

A fan wrote to Jill Vedder on Instagram asking why Eddie did not go to the funeral or the tribute show despite their friendship. The fan mentioned Tom Morello and Matt Cameron attending all of the tribute events, and how they were disappointed to not see Eddie there.

The fan said it was ‘disrespectful’ that Vedder did not attend the tributes. Despite the questions asked, the fan said that they’ve always loved Eddie, and they paid compliments to the family.

Jill Vedder responded, and first addressed social media bullying, and she later reacted to the questions asked about why there has been no public statement by Eddie about the Chris Cornell tragedy or for his reasoning for not attending the tributes.

A portion of Jill’s comment included, “My husband owes no one anything..it’s a private matter..and he has never taken to social media the way some have..most people know the truth and facts…it’s clear as day.”

Chris Cornell tragically passed away while on tour with Soundgarden in Detroit on May 18, 2017. Eddie Vedder paid tribute to Cornell during multiple emotional performances, though often not directly mentioning him by name.