Queen Icon Admits To Terrible Remarks After Freddie Mercury Tragedy


Queen drummer Roger Taylor mocked former bandmate John Deacon’s taste in music as being ‘boll**ks’ in a new Mojo magazine interview. He also said the actor who played him in Bohemian Rhapsody was ‘too posh.’

Taylor told Mojo, “Joe (Mazello) who played John [in Bohemian Rhapsody] nailed his mannerisms, but made him slightly too posh. Deacy was from Leicester and had a bit of a Northern accent.”

Taylor and Brian May also opened up about the creation of some of the band’s greatest hits. May admitted their differences are what made the group so great.

“We all influenced each other. That was the secret of Queen.” But it wasn’t always easy, with tension in the band.

“Families aren’t always nice. We sometimes said terrible things.”

At the very start of the interview, Taylor said he felt Deacon was a little apart.

“We had diverse influences, but also certain groups in common. Brian, Freddie and I especially…”

“John Deacon was different, though, even before he got into funk. When we met him John was into Yes. I liked Yes, too, but John really liked Yes. Tales From Topographic… boll**ks or whatever – a bit too proggy for me.”

John Deacon left Queen and the music business a few years after Freddie Mercury’s tragic death, with his final recording and live performances being in 1997.

Brian May has been keeping busy though, as he prepares for an upcoming Queen tour with Adam Lambert, he shared touching new photos from a lesbian wedding.

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