Ozzy Osbourne Ripped Off For Millions By Big Name


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon Osbourne discussed Ozzy getting ripped off for $1.5 million in a new Celebrity Access interview. Ozzy’s wife recently made a terrible cocaine claim.

How did you and Ozzy end up with the rights to the two Jet albums? Did you buy them back from your father eventually?

Ozzy had to give him a million and a half dollars which Ozzy didn’t have. Ozzy didn’t have a million and a half dollars.

You had to buy Ozzy’s contract out from your father and brother?

My brother never had Ozzy signed ever. It was just to my father’s company.

Jet, right?


“Blizzard of Oz” sold 4 million copies.

No, it was 5 million but the thing was that we had to get money from the record company. Jet in those days went through CBS (for distribution). We had to go to CBS, and get the money. You see the deal was Jet through CBS. When we gave my father the million and a half, the albums reverted back to us right away. His buyout was 100% from the day that he cashed that check. So he was gone.

How about the publishing?

We never signed the publishing with him. He tried to get it, and we wouldn’t sell it. We absolutely refused, and he sent people after us and threatened us and everything, and we just wouldn’t do it.

How about the Black Sabbath publishing? There’s been so many covers of Sabbath songs over the years.

My father didn’t manage Sabbath until ’79, and their publishing deal was done in ’70 with their first manager, and he gave it to a fucking publisher for perpetuity. So it was gone, and the bastards still won’t give it back to Black Sabbath. It’s this company called Essex (TRO Essex Music Group).

Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne embarrassingly revealed on CBS that before her husband had an accident tripping at home going to the bathroom, she did not make him and her family her first priority.

She said, “I didn’t until my husband’s accident this year. I really didn’t. It would be, ‘I’ll do it soon. In a couple of months, I’ll do this or I’ll do that.’ And I would always put family stuff aside, and just realized after you have an accident how your life can change within a second. And [I] don’t do that anymore. My number one priority is taking care of my husband.”