Queen Icon ‘Horrified’ With ‘Painful’ New Photo


Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a new photo with a caption about the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack.

“Horrified and saddened to hear of the awful shootings in Christchurch. We stand by our peaceful friends in New Zealand, and against all violence, in this painful time. Bri.”

He also recently posted, “Seems impossible, but it’s a year since Stephen Hawking passed away. One extraordinary scientist and one extraordinary human being. These were happier days – a whole STARMUS festival in Stephen’s honour, and the instigation of the Hawking Medal. We were all privileged to know him. Bri. For the full picture please see Bri’s Soapbox on www.brianmay.com.”

He wrote as well, “At the Palladium today – meeting HRH prince Charles – as I have many times before. As he said, “We go back”. He’s an amazing human. I couldn’t do his job. The awards afternoon was profoundly moving – these occasions always remind me I have no right to feel sorry for myself. I’ve noticed that feeling sorry for yourself is a terrible trap – it never leads to good things. Best not to go there.

By the way, I chose a winner for the ‘inspiring comments’ on my New Horizons 12′ sleeve post. Apparently I’m not allowed to send out the record until April! So, apologies, but I will not forget. I’m actually still reading the comments. I’ve been amazed at their content. So much hardship and sadness, and so much good fight. And I feel very moved that you all opened up to me, and, in a sense to our whole community. I wish I could respond to everybody. All I can say is, we all know, now, that we are not alone. Thanks folks. Bri.”