Motley Crue Icon Writes Goodbye After Tragic News


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil wrote a touching goodbye note to his late mother on the one year anniversary of her death on Instagram, “‘To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.’ One year ago, today, I said goodbye to my Mom but I know she is with me now and forever. ❤️ #willneverforgetyou.”

A Motley Crue member recently sent a bizarre message to Slash. Nikki Sixx tweeted on Tuesday, “I find the bass fascinating. Sometimes I play bass like a rhythm guitar player, sometimes I plug into a fuzz pedal,sometimes I slither into funk or hip-hop beats, sometimes I just go with the internal groove which is what bass is really all about it.I fall deeper in love daily.”

A fan then asked Sixx, “Was Nigel Benjamin a good front man when you were in his band? #London.”

Sixx responded, “Crazy to think that was 40 years ago. He had a great voice and cool vibe.”

A Motley Crue member recently said he wants to see an A-list star in jail. Sixx criticized overuse of pyro at shows in a recent tweet, leading to a fan named Maria to send him a message about Rammstein.

“I think that some bands try to hide how much their sound suck by using too much pyro. I love pyro, but music should always be a top priority! Good music + pyro + interaction with audience = great show. Im so sad I didn’t get to see you live, because Crüe is a perfect mixture.

Ive been to Rammstein’s show back in the day and they are famous of their shows full of pyro. And I have to say, they make it work. They sound really good and pyro works really good with their sound. Pyro should be an an addition to the music, not otherwise.”

Sixx said, “They are the best.”