Queen Reveal If Radiohead Deserve To Be In Rock Hall of Fame


Queen guitarist Brian May inducted Def Leppard into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Friday night. May posted on Instagram about other inductees, seeming to mention his favorites first. He mentioned Radiohead, who had members absent, alongside Janet Jackson. He did say things felt ‘jolly’ and every artist in attendance who was being inducted felt ‘lucky.’

“This is how it looks in the Barclays Center right now – sound checking a secret song ! What an incredible buzz ! The Zombies ?!!! What ?!! Stevie Nicks ! Roxy Music ! The Cure ! And my dear pals the Def Leppard guys. Ouch ! And Radiohead, and Janet Jackson. And a special guest that NOBODY knows about … I’m jazzed ! The atmosphere here is very jolly – everyone feels lucky to be part of tonight’s one-off blast ! Bri.”

He also posted on Instagram, “My favourite ‘polaroid’ from last night. The Def Leppard boys presented me with this fabulous painting of a hero of mine -just before I made my speech inducting them into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. What a typically thoughtful act of kindness. All the stuff I said in my ‘citation’ was from the heart. These guys are truly the greatest – in skills, in dedication, in youthful energy and passion – and …. they are the greatest adopted family of pals.

Love ‘em. It was a great night – capped by a final romp through ‘All The Young Dudes’ with guest appearance by Ian Hunter. Fond memories for me, for sure. Rog and Freddie and I often used to sing backup vocals for this song when we were on tour opening up for Mott the Hoople … erm … many years ago, when we was boys. Bri.”