Queens Of The Stone Age New Song “Emotion Sickness” Leaks


Queens of the Stone Age’s new song “Emotion Sickness” has leaked, as reported on Reddit.

One fan said, “Feels very lullabies to paralyze to me, very old fashioned kinda but so unbelievably groovy. The production is much nicer than Villains (even though I love that album). The chorus flips into this super nice airy vocal. I’m pumped.”

Another added, “I really REALLY dig it. Parts remind me of ZZ top, parts remind me of Queen, all of it reminds me of QOTSA. Almost a bit of EODM in there. The main complaint I have is that the vocals seem very buried in the mix. Maybe that was intentional to hide the lyric matter? IDK. Either way, dig it and excited for more.”

Queens of the Stone Age fans, rejoice! After a six-year hiatus, and tons of high-kicks that left the band in hot water and limbo, the iconic rock band seem poised to make a triumphant comeback. Social media has been abuzz with excitement after the band dropped a series of cryptic hints teasing their return this week.

QOTSA, led by the always drama filled frontman Josh Homme, kicked off the week with a tantalizing social media post featuring a snake emoji and a building with three pillars emoji, along with the words, “It’s our special week!” This was followed up by an even more intriguing teaser earlier today, captioned “The World’s Gonna End.”

To further fuel fans’ anticipation, Queens of the Stone Age have also added snake animations to some of their most iconic songs on Spotify, sending fans into a frenzy on places such as Reddit that are geared toward the band.

Rumors have swirled around that the band is set to release a new album in June, titled “In Times New Roman,” which will reportedly feature guest appearances by music legends Dave Grohl and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.

For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, this news couldn’t come soon enough. The band has been sorely missed in the music world, with their unique blend of hard rock, punk, and stoner influences having garnered them a legion of devoted fans worldwide. With a new album potentially on the horizon, it seems that QOTSA is ready to reclaim their throne as one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of our time.

Only time will tell what the band has in store for their fans, but one thing is for sure: Queens of the Stone Age is back, and they’re ready to rock the world once again.