Matt Byrne of Hatebreed Gives Tips for Success on the Road

Hear Matt Byrne's opinion of life on the road these days.


We are long since removed from the 80’s when bands partied to the fullest on the road. It was a decade of decadence. Now-a-days, bands have learned from the mistakes of the past. It’s treated more like a j.o.b. as opposed to a nonstop bender. Success for a band is something that can come and go quickly. Maximizing your 15 seconds is key. Hatebreed is a band that is known for their relentless touring throughout their career. Their drummer Matt Byrne is a perfect guy to ask what are some tips to be successful on the road. 

Matt says this “Don’t piss off the tour manager because they run the whole show. You show up and do what you gotta do but they run the whole show. Second thing is you’ve gotta know how to handle your party. Whether you’re a drinker, doing drugs or whatever. Don’t let it get out of hand. It could effect your job and it could effect your life. Don’t be late to the gig. You should take advantage and see the sites and experience the culture wherever you play a gig. Not too many people get to do this for a living so if you’re a guy that just sits on the buss all day, you’re missing out.”

No stories of getting drunk and urinating on a cenotaph erected at the Alamo in Texas these days. Once bands get to “touring” status, they do everything they can to keep the success going. Of course, their will always be a few isolated incidents. For the most part, rock bands have learned from their mistakes and treat touring as an opportunity to connect with their fans and make new ones. I would say it’s a success, if you can accomplish that.


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