Pink Floyd Rip ‘Amateur’ Roger Waters Performance


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was recently interviewed on AXS TV’s A Life on the Road, and he revealed that the band and Roger Waters sounded ‘amateur’ at early gigs, especially with their lack of touring experience. It was mentioned that they went from 20 shows in 1966 to 200 shows the very next year in 1967. Pink Floyd called out a bad Roger Waters album a few days ago. Alternative Nation transcribed Mason’s comments.

“We were all really amateur. Forget the numbers of gigs, if you look at the number of hours I had been playing drums, it was pretty minimal. I had just played a bit for fun. By the time we signed that record contract, probably 100 hours of drumming in my life. A lot of bands, when you talk about The Beatles, they had done that period working every night. We went really from college straight onto the road with a record deal and an agent, so it was sort of amateur night for awhile.”

Pink Floyd revealed a female Roger Waters replacement last week. Mason tweeted a couple of days ago, “REMINDER: This week, 4 further UK shows and 14 shows across Europe, were added to our 2020 tour, with tickets now on sale; visit for details of all 31 concerts announced so far. Hope you can make it along to see us! #SaucerfulOfSecrets #MoreGamesForMay.”

He also previewed an upcoming run of shows, “Here’s one more look back at the band’s rehearsals, back in March, a week before they set off on their tour of the US and Canada. Don’t forget, they are back on the road next year, with UK and Ireland dates already on sale! #SaucerfulOfSecrets.”